Mosquito Bites Increased In The USA – How to Prevent Them

In the last year the number of mosquito bites has increased in the United States. In the perfect world that wouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately, the number of mosquito borne diseases has also gone up. With this in mind you need to protect yourself from mosquitos. How exactly do you do that though?

DEET Based Mosquito Repellent

There are a lot of mosquito repellents on the shelves at stores but do you know which ones actually work? Testing has found that DEET based mosquito repellants work the best. The DEET is effective at keeping mosquitos away. While many people are very familiar with Citronella, it is not as effective as once thought. Most at home remedies are also not effective. Test any remedy before expecting it to work.

Mosquito Yard Treatment

One way to ensure that there are no longer any mosquitos in your yard is to get mosquito yard treatment. Mosquito yard treatment is a service provided by many pest control experts that involves spraying your yard with a chemical to help deter mosquitos from coming back. Make sure that you speak with the expert about the chemicals used. Some mosquito treatment chemicals are poisonous until they have been rinsed away. Others last after. Even others aren’t poisonous. Try to opt for a non-poisonous chemical.

Proper Yard Maintenance

Without proper yard maintenance, your mosquito problem will return. Taking care of your yard will help keep mosquitos away and prevent them from returning. Start by removing any standing sources of water from your yard. This may require some minor landscaping or regular refreshing of water. Other items such as empty pots should be removed or placed so that they don’t collect water.

You can also grow plants that naturally repel mosquitos. Lemongrass is one plant that can be used. Another plant that you can opt for is basil. Strategically placing these by your strongest mosquito problem can help you out.

Regularly taking care of your yard also helps to remove any chance mosquitos can live in it. Mow your lawn, remove weeds, and otherwise take care of your yard.

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Mosquito Netting

You can use mosquito netting to keep the bugs away from your eating and living areas. Mosquito netting can be hung like curtains and pushed aside when not in use. When you do need it, you just pull them closed. All around the globe mosquito netting is used to keep these pesky creatures away from humans.

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