What is The Procedure For A Brazilian Wax

procedure for brazilian wax

A Brazilian Wax is a style of waxing that removes all of the hair from the pubic region.  Many people wonder what the procedure for a Brazilian wax is though.  We have crafted this article to answer that question for you.  Read on to find out.

Before You Get There

Before you go to your Brazilian Waxing appointment make sure that your body is clean.  No one is a pinnacle of perfection but don’t go to your Brazilian Wax after the gym without showering (just an example).  Don’t drink alcohol or caffeine beforehand as it will make the process more painful.

What is The Procedure For A Brazilian Wax
What is The Procedure For A Brazilian Wax

What You Need To Do

The number one thing that you need to do during a Brazilian Wax is work with the technician.  They will ask you to hold your body in specific positions and to not do certain things.  Working with the technician might be hard the first time as some of the tasks may seem unusual but it will make the process less painful and easier if you work with them.

What Will Happen

When you first enter the treatment room the technician will ask you questions about what specifically you want.  As we mentioned above, a Brazilian Wax is performed on the pubic region.  Some people do not want all of the hair removed.  For example, a common request is for a landing strip (small rectangle towards the genitals) or a triangle.

A lot of technicians start the waxing process by applying baby powder to the area being treated.  This is to help lower the irritation during and after the treatment.  It also helps to prevent hot wax from sticking to the skin.  After this, the technician will remove excess hair.  Removal can be done with either a set of electric trimmers or trimming scissors.

Wax is applied using a spatula to one strip of area.  A special cloth strip is then quickly stuck to the wax and pulled away.  The faster the treatment is done, the less pain and more hair removed.  This is done until all areas are treated.  Some technicians will follow-up treatment with a gel or lotion.

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