How To Design a Tablecloth For a Trade Show

Design a stylish and professional table for trade shows. From novice exhibitors to experienced veteran trade event planners understand the significance of an attractive exhibit booth. The most crucial elements of a successful booth for a trade show is the table decorations, which include Trade Show Tablecloth, table runners, and various other covers.

A good table cover can enhance a company’s appearance at not just trade shows but also at business conventions, hotel functions, storefronts, job fairs, and more. If you are a business looking to increase branding customized tablecloths are essential.

The tablespace is the most valuable real property in every trade fair or other event. It’s the place where exhibitors and vendors meet potential customers the most. A properly-dressed table can be ideal for displaying giveaway products including printed materials such as samples, handouts and sample business cards, and other promotional items.

Select the Type from Table Cover

You can select the best suitable table cover from a variety of table covers. But keep these details in mind:

Table size. 

Are you planning to use mainly traditional 6 or 8ft event tables? Will you require an individual size? Tables that are round instead of rectangular tables?

Water/Liquid resistance

The majority of brands don’t have to be concerned regarding spills, staining and such. Does yours? Do you have plans to show or offer food drinks, cleaning supplies, beverages or any various other “messy” items?

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Tablecloths with three or four sides

If you’re looking to store extra items or display items underneath the table think about using one of our 3-sided spandex tablescloths which allow easy accessibility from behind.

The logo and the printing location

Do you plan to be on the outside so that the surfaces of the table can be seen? Are you using dividers inside that completely block the top and front of the table? Do you require the top to be printed, or do your displays just hide it?

Indoor or outdoor use

What location will your most popular shows and events take place? Do you need to worry about weather?

Tablecloth style

Tablecloths for trade shows are available in a variety of designs that include polyester for the classic cloth tablecloth; liquid repellent to stop spills and outdoor tough applications; spandex stretch for sleek, unique appearance and also convertible cloths that appear well-groomed or elegantly draped dependent on the length of the table.

Select The Correct Material

You’ll want your table covers for trade shows to be made from the best material. There are a variety of options to do this. You can, for instance, select from basic vinylor heavy vinyl cloth, leather or leatherette material. The materials you choose should be according to the climate of your trade show as well as the items you’re selling.

Find the Right Colors

It’s equally essential to determine the appropriate colours for your trade show table covers. Select colors that align with your brand, your study of the audience, and which will provide enough contrast so that your logo is prominent.

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Make a Template for Your company’s name

If you have a wall and your budget isn’t that big you can use your computer-based publishing program to make the template for your company name. Make use of the template with bristle boards, cardboard or foam core, to create a sign can be hung in the space behind the display at your trade show.

Set Your Display Table Correctly

Place your trade show table into the appropriate levels. Place the bigger items to the back, smaller items to the left of them and smaller things in front of them.

Make Your Design Simple

It is important for your layout to be minimalist. The more intricate details you add the more distracting it’ll be. There are only few seconds to draw attention. Avoid the busy patterns which are easy to forget.

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