KIM WALTRIP, President of WonderStar Productions joins nthWORD's Editor Ryan O'Connor to discuss producing the independent feature Expecting Mary, written and directed by Dan Gordon and Executive Produced by Jim Casey.

Expecting Mary stars Academy Award nominee ELLIOT GOULD, Academy Award winner CLORIS LEACHMAN, Golden Globe & Emmy Award nominee LINDA GRAY, Golden Globe & Emmy Award nominee LAINIE KAZAN, Golden Globe & Emmy Award nominee DELLA REESE, Golden Globe winner CYBILL SHEPHERD, GENE SIMMONS, American Comedy Award winner FRED WILLARD and OLESYA RULIN from High School Musical.

The film follows the story of a runaway pregnant teenager with all the trappings of an upscale life, who learns the real meaning of love and family when she finds herself in a downtrodden trailer park in a small New Mexican town.

nthWORD: So Kim, tell me about yourself. Did you just wake up one day and decide to produce movies?

KW: Yeah, that's how it happens everyday, right? [laughs] I've actually been in the business quite a while, then I got sidetracked; I went into the political arena and worked for a member of Congress for three years, and then just got tired of working so hard for someone else and decided to start my own company and I found that producing was the perfect fit for me.

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