White Rabbits (cont'nd)

Percussion Gun"We knew we wanted to branch out and improve on what we were already doing," Clark says. "We also knew we were tired of listening to new bands that are trying to sound like some throwback to Phil Collins or something. I'm not a big fan of irony, especially in music. This album was recorded on tape, which makes a big difference. You have to get creative when you start running out of tracks, but it always sounds better. We also worked with Nicholas Vernhes at Rare Book Room, which is a very relaxing place to work, and he knows his studio inside and out. So, we were able to pull off the ideas we had because we had him and Britt figuring out how we could commit the ideas to tape in the best way possible."

After their album dropped in May, the band went back on tour with dates throughout the U.S. - hopefully it won't be too long before we see them in the studio again, coming up with material for a third release in what looks to be a promising career. nth.

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