"Our only goal [with the first album] was to make a great album with original songs that didn't sound like anything that was out at the time," guitarist and drummer Matthew Clark explains. "Which, I think we did. We really just wanted people to hear the music we were making."

The band, consisting of Matthew Clark, Stephen Patterson (vox and piano), Jamie Levinson (drums), Alex Even (guitar), Gregory Roberts (vox and guitar) and Brian Betancourt (bass), is now based in the creative recesses of Brooklyn, NY after initially forming in Columbia, Missouri. Despite reports that the guys met in college, Clark confirms this is nothing more than one of those rumors that gets started somewhere along the line. It doesn't really matter how they met or came to be, what is important is that White Rabbits are here now with a fresh, distinctive musical identity.

Shedding light on where the White Rabbits find inspiration and how they deal with having six different personalities all with various ideas, Clark reveals, "I think we get our inspiration for songs from the ups and downs of life.

And listening to music gives us the excitement to write - but we don't have a set way we write. So, sometimes a song will be easy, and sometimes you have to work really hard to figure out what's best for the song and ultimately the album."

Making the move to sign to TBD Records, becoming labelmates with Radiohead and Hatcham Social, was the beginning of the development for the indie rockers' second full-length album, It's Frightening. Some of the featured tracks on the record include "Percussion Gun," "Company I Keep," "Lionesse" and "Right Where They Left." It's an album imbued with contrast, from its haunting lyrics to hyped-up sonics, yet It's Frightening never falls short of delivering a fierce emotional impact. Working once again to construct a record with brazen originality, the band recruited the producing prowess of Spoon frontman, Britt Daniel. In just about a month after the recording process began, it ended - with It's Frightening being the impressive result.

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This spring White Rabbits fans finally got what they had been waiting for since 2007 - the sophomore record that would confirm this six-piece band could regroup from almost a two year tour and come back to bang out something incredible.

Photo © Andrew Droz Palermo

It's often easy to forget about a new band once they've put out a successful debut (Fort Nightly) and then kept quiet for awhile, but instead of trying to figure out what to do next, the White Rabbits hit the road, touring with names like The Walkmen, Richard Swift and Spoon.

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