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Top Quality Custom Printed Flags And Banners

Top Quality Custom Printed Flags And Banners

There are a lot of different advertising methods that can be found around the world. One that many different businesses implement are printed flags and banners. That being said, many businesses settle for subpar custom printed flags and banners. Settling for banners that are not top quality, will result in negative thoughts about your brand. What should you look for in top quality printed custom flags and banners?

custom flag

Top Quality Materials For Custom Printed Flags And Banners

Look for custom printed flags and banners that are made from the best materials. You want weather resistant materials that will keep the custom printed flags and banners in one piece and looking good in any weather. Good construction and printing processes are also key to getting the top quality flags and banners.

Fully Customizable Custom Printed Flags And Banners

Depending on the service that you use to get your custom printed flags and banners you can get different levels of customization. If you want top quality flags and banners, you want them to be fully customizable. Being able to print anything from your company name to the logo on the flag is imperative. You need to be able to custom tailor it to your purposes. Make sure to look at the service and see what level of customization you can get.

Good Reviews/Ratings For Custom Printed Flags And Banners

Take a look at the reviews and ratings for any custom printed flags and banners that you are looking at buying. No matter what a website says, it can’t hold a candle to what actual customers have experienced. That is why so many people rely on good reviews and ratings.

Just going for the first custom printed flags and banners you see on the internet is typically not the best idea. Taking the time to research the company and the product is a great idea. Typically, it doesn’t take that long to conduct a little research and you can end up leaving with the best quality custom printed flags and banners, ones that will do your brand justice.



open house signs


When it comes to placing open house signs with your Century 21 real estate signs there are some factors that you need to think about.  Each one of these factors has been picked to help you get the most out of your open house signs.  Remember, open house signs help you to sell your listing faster.

open house signs

Where To Buy Open House Signs

Buying open house signs from an online dealer with a lot of experience is a great option.  Many online dealers will give you great prices and offer bulk discounts as well as shipping deals.  Open house signs purchased online also give you a lot of flexibility in design.

How To Design Your Open House Sign

Your open house sign should be two things: easy to read and following your brand.  Besides these two things, the design of your sign is up to you.  The most successful open house signs are simple and professional.  Directional open house signs also work best because you can use them to direct your potential buyers.

Include QR Codes

A great thing to include on your open house signs is a QR code.  QR codes can contain contact information for you and a link to your listing website.  This will help potential buyers to find your listing without issue.  You could also list your phone number for another easy contact option.

When To Put Up Open House Signs

While you can have your Century 21 real estate signs up all the time, it isn’t wise to leave your open house signs up.  Many real estate agents have experienced sign theft or damage when they leave their signs up for too long.  There are also codes in many places that prevent you from leaving them up overnight.

Where To Place Open House Signs

Open house signs should be placed to maximize the number of people who see them.  They should also be placed where they will direct traffic to your listing.  Many people will not know exactly where your listing is and as such use the open house signs to navigate.

How Many Signs Do You Place?

Many real estate agents in the modern era will only post an open house sign on their Century 21 real estate sign.  This is a mistake because despite open houses being published on the internet, the internet does not always give the best directions.  You will also receive a number of walk-in people who will only show up because they saw your open house sign.  More signs do equal more traffic.

How To Make Open House Signs More Visible

Open house signs should be placed in intersections to make the sign visible to more people.  If there are bushes at the intersection you should consider either moving the sign or placing it on the street side of the bushes.  Raise signs up where possible but don’t infringe on other people’s property without their permission.

Open house signs infographic

Open house sings-infographic

source: Pinterest

Keep In Mind There Are Multiple Options

When you go to buy and utilize your open house signs you should keep in mind that there are multiple options for open house signs.  Each different type of sign has different visibility and purposes.  Use them in different circumstances to amplify the visibility of your open house.  Here are some of the options available for open house signs:

  • Balloons
  • Directional Signs
  • Feather Flags
  • Sign Boards
  • Sign Posts
  • Sign Riders
How To Increase Real Estate Sales

How To Increase Real Estate Sales

Showing houses and maintaining listings is no longer enough to sell houses in this economy.  You need to convince the customer that your listing is the best option out there.  We have gathered some of the best tips to increase your real estate sales.

Run a Blog

Blogs are a great way to get your name out there (and your listings through that).  Almost every major company today runs a blog.  A blog serves as a way to deal out helpful content to people across the internet.  If you format your blog posts in order to be search engine optimized, your content will be displayed to people in search engine results.

Wondering what to post?  Here are some content ideas:

  • 10 Tips For First Time Home Buyers
  • How To Evaluate A Neighborhood Before Purchasing A Home
  • 5 Tips To Find The Best House
  • Home Buying Tips You NEED To Know

Virtual Tours/Walkthroughs

Potential buyers like to have a good idea of what a house looks like before they buy.  While this can be done by going to an open house, most people won’t even go to an open house if the listing pictures do not do the house justice.  A virtual walkthrough allows them to navigate through the house without leaving their computer.  There are a variety of software methods to make such a display.

Be Social (on Social Networks)

A lot of people already know that social media is an important part of making any sale on (or as a result of) the internet but that hasn’t become completely known in the real estate industry.  Being active on social media will help to get your name and listings out there.

How do you use your social media to get you more sales?

  • Post new listings on social media.
  • Cross-post your blog to social media so useful content is displayed to users.
  • Provide your social media information to potential buyers and buyers.

Encourage Online Reviews

In today’s world, most people go to the internet to determine a real estate agency or agent’s reliability.  Those people can’t determine how you are as a real estate agent if you don’t have any reviews, though.  Ask all of your buyers (sellers too) to write reviews of you on common review websites.  Yelp and Google+ are two of the most well-known review sites.

Build Links

Build links around the internet to your page, your listings, and your blog.  Link building is the process of adding a link to your websites around the internet.  This can be done through making deals with other blogs or by placing a link in comments.

Here are some places to build your links:

  • Real estate blog comments
  • Real estate blog posts (via deals)
  • Local news website comments
  • Social media pages

It is important to read the terms and conditions for comments on a website.  Some do not allow the posting of outside links.  Make sure that any comment you post is either in response to another comment or a response to the main content on the page.


how to increase sales in real estate
how to increase sales in real estate

Give Out Marketing Material

At any time that it would be appropriate, you should make it a goal to give out marketing material.  Marketing material helps to get your brand out there.  There is a wide variety of marketing materials that a real estate agent could use.  Each one of these materials can be used in different situations.

Look at some of the marketing materials that have been used by real estate agents in the past:

  • Open house flyers with contact information and website listed
  • Business cards (every real estate agent should have business cards)
  • Pens with website and name on them
  • Informational brochures
  • Marketing postcards

Be Creative

Many industries have gotten into the dull idea that everything has to be done the same way every time.  Don’t be afraid to think out of the box.  Creative ideas get noticed because they are different.  Try to rethink different aspects of your business.

Here are some ways that people have stood out:

  • Unusual but stylish business cards
  • Embracing Reddit (very important for the modern age
  • Add a pet (or any animal) to listing photos (people love pets)

Half of the process of making more sales in the real estate agency is to get your name out there.  Use these tips to generate more leads and close more sales.  Make sure to track your efforts though to see what is working and what isn’t.  Don’t spend too much time on marketing and sales efforts that don’t produce results.